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We are International Global Health.

We are a group of long time health industry professionals with a vast and collective insiders knowledge about Indonesia and the health care options available in SE Asia.


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Insurance plans

Here you can see our insurance plans.

Which plan to choose?

This plan is for savvy young globetrotters aged between 18 and 29 since it is entirely focused on getting the best quality medical care in an emergency that requires hospital. This policy is for travellers exploring South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It is inexpensive and pared down for healthy young adventurers smart enough to know the value of complete emergency insurance cover. It has no extreme sports exclusions.
This is a comprehensive health care solution with full hospital coverage from ambulance while in hospital plus medication and room charges. Accommodation for parents is included in this plan, so if a medical emergency with junior lands a family in Singapore, your accommodation is paid for. Medical evacuation and repatriation is fully covered. Included are outpatient operations as well as stitching wounds that resulted from an accident.
This is a complete global health insurance plan that also extends to alternative therapies including osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture. If illness or an emergency strikes the Emerald plan covers diagnostic tests such as pathology, radiology, MRI, CT and PET scans. It covers the gap when tests are underway but clients are not yet admitted to hospital. It also has outpatient services for a full 90 days post-hospitalisation.
This option has full coverage for hospitalisation including all fees and costs. It is tailored for women who plan to have children and it has all of the important medical bells and whistles for this situation. Don’t forget to have dad and the kids on the Emerald or Sapphire plans since they are unlikely to be pregnant. Dental cover is another bonus to this extensive policy.


Why Choose IGH?

Trusted For More Than 30 Years.

Experience and global medical emergency expertise. International Global Health is an international health solution created by a team of first responders who have more than 100 years of handling medical emergencies in Indonesia. Our team has the connections and know-how that ensures clients are treated as fast as possible with the best quality care. No two situations are ever alike and your first point of contact is directly is directly to our team, which is ready to snap into action 24/7. We do not use remote call centers to handle a crisis. Our Global 24 hour assistance team based in Singapore is at your service where ever you are on the planet.

World-Class Health System

A leader in Australasian health care. IGH is supported by Australia’s largest insurance company QBE and is ranked amongst the top 20 insurance companies worldwide. We have established partnerships with 235 hospitals in Australia, 14 in Singapore and more than 500 in Indonesia. IGH has time-honoured relationships with Air Ambulance services and commercial airlines with medevac capabilities. As medical assistance industry leaders, we have strong ties with a vast network of first-rate health systems and their providers in the SE Asia region and worldwide.

Live Smarter, Stronger and Safer

Free Support & Updates. Our policies have been hand curated for the unique conditions that people experience every day while living and working outside of their home countries. Wave hunters, mountain climbers and jet set gypsies and their families are protected while living in Indonesia and globetrotting across the world. IGA has no ‘extreme’ sport exemption. We ensure that you live smarter, stronger and safer. The IGH team knows first that every medical emergency is unique and needs highly specific responses.

Freedom of choice for hospital, treatment and location

Freedom of choice for hospital, treatment and location. IGH welcomes input from our clients and offers everyone the choice of what hospital they would like to be treated in and its location in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. This is a major departure from the usual offer of insurers, which is generally the cheapest possible treatment available rather than the most effective for the condition. We also approve of alternative treatments so if stem cell therapy is the best medical option, then stem cell therapy it is.

What our customers say

Another insane situation you just handled beautifully. I never forget when I was lying on my kitchen floor, itwas late at night, some few years ago, just head a blackout, no one at home or neighbours. Only my cell phone and you at the other end assisted me while you were having a shower some kilometers away. You were there online, all the way till I got help at SOS. I know you didn't get any commission from my insurance because the office bought it from other company. Global Ass (istance) supposed to provide the assistance I needed. But they never there when I need. I never able to thank you enough. I owe you few Big one as you also helped me and my husband in other emergency situations. And after all these years we still never met. Not a single time. If not because of fb, I still don't know what you look like:) If guardian angels exist, You are the real one. With love and big hugs.

Wita Faura & Michael Nicklin
July 25 th 2016

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during that difficult time last week. It wasn’t easy for any of us but you pulled through and got the plane organised and resolved all the problems that being in an area remote from good hospitals with a badly broken leg in West Java presented us with. Thank you for going the extra mile and ensuring that I got the surgery I needed even though my passport was in immigration. Good on you.

Dustin Humphrey
March 2015

First I want to thank you since as you know you were completely right when you suggested that we rushed p to Singapore when I first called you. Thanks to common sense and intuition as well we finally did it and here we are with a very good Doctor who we trust fully.As Antonio told you we have been informing your company every day and hope that on Monday Vivilate responds as it should and takes care of expenses etc. ( NB : this was an issue of the heart requiring immediate surgical intervention) Thanks once again everything went fine intervention and coverage Kind regards.

Tuesday 28 th February 2017


International Global Health

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